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Welcome to the website of Chris Lubbe.

Chris is a highly acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker and coach available for education, business, corporate, community clients.

Drawing on his incredible story of resistance against ‘apartheid’, Chris keeps his audience spell-bound as he takes them on a journey of discovery. Most importantly his audiences leave both inspired and motivated to take action and to make a changes in their own lives & their communities.

Growing up in a ghetto in Durban, South Africa & experiencing first hand the brutality of apartheid was a catalyst for preparing Chris for his involvement in the struggle for democracy. His story includes themes such as fear, determination, courage, love and forgiveness, all in the face of blatant racial discrimination. Regardless of where you are, Chris will inspire you to take action and find solutions to many of life’s challenges.

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Ibelieve that our children are our future and with this in mind, I undertake speaking engagements & hold workshops at schools, colleges and higher education organizations.

My talks fit in with various aspects of the curriculum including Global Citizenship, Human Rights, Rights, Respect and Responsibility (RRR) and Black History. I am able to tailor my talks to individual school needs.

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Chris is a qualified Performance Coach with a range of multi-sector and ‘people’ skills with experience including; Government, Corporate and Educational sectors.

Having been part of the delegation who negotiated with the previous South African government, Chris is able to utilize his negotiation and Scenario planning skills in promoting proactive solution finding.

Latest Testimonials

Our Year 10s had been studying Human Rights violations, but knew little about Apartheid and the injustices carried out in South Africa between 1948 and 1998. Chris opened their eyes to how unfair life was for black South Africans just because of the colour of their skin. They found much of it unbelievable. It is important that they learn about these issues to make sure they don't allow it to happen again in their futures. Chris's final message about forgiveness inspired many of them to think hard about their own feelings towards others. Thank you Chris.

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Lesley Hancock
Teacher, Westgate School, Winchester

We had the pleasure of Chris Lubbe’s company in Sanquhar Academy, Dumfries, Scotland on 5th March 2013. It was a truly remarkable experience for all of us and Chris etched his way into our hearts forever on that unforgettable day. He really was and always will be an inspiration to us all on how to live our lives together and remember that we are all part of the same world and therefore have a right to be wherever we want to be. Chris’s story of his personal journey in life touched all of us and has made a tremendous and genuine impact. We have shown the many pictures of his visit to our parent groups and school visitors on every occasion that has been available to us. The reaction of our young people on the day of the visit was truly touching. They simply wanted him to stay and talk to them for as long as he could and he almost didn’t get away because so many of them wanted
a personal memento to keep. So many great photos were taken that day and we are sending them to Chris so that he will remember us too. Two of our class groups have created a “Chris Lubbe” wall in the school because they further studied and researched apartheid after his visit. Here a some of the thoughts of the students:

Kayla: Chris was amazing and the time we spent with him was extraordinary.

Hayley: Chris is a truly inspirational speaker.

Kieran: It was a great opportunity to meet someone like Chris and for him to take the time to come and speak to us.

Shaun: Chris told us to remember that “the key to peace is forgiveness” He told us that he learned that from Nelson Mandela. Chris was so inspirational and I will never forget him.

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Mrs Bouber
Head Teacher, Sanquhar Academy

You delivered a talk in the school Assembly Hall to the entire cohort of S3 and S4 pupils.

You took us through the story of your family, ranging from the days when your great great grandfather was enslaved up to the present day in South Africa. The details of your own personal experience of the apartheid era and your decision to become involved with the African National Congress and their struggle to set the country free from its tyrannical yoke were both shocking and deeply moving. The young people who knew little of these things were captivated by the tales that you told of your own experience of discrimination, violence and torture, while older members of staff were reminded of their own privileged younger lives running parallel with the grim reality of the oppressed majority of southern Africa. You spoke of onlookers who failed to act in the face of sickening violence and linked this to pupils turning a blind eye to acts of bullying.

Although you spoke for over 1½ hours, the attention of the pupils was rapt throughout. You spoke of how you came to know and work for Nelson Mandela, and that the most important message the great man had passed on to you was to forgive your former enemies in order to build a better, fairer future for all. This was stirring stuff and entirely in keeping with the Rights Respecting School Agenda that both Lockerbie Primary and Secondary schools aim to promote. You explained to us just how difficult, but ultimately necessary, it had been for you to grasp this lofty concept.
Many pupils had questions for you afterwards and you posed for photographs with others, while many more have since tweeted you to say how much your words meant to them, with several saying that it has changed their lives. Its fair to say that your visit has had a great impact on all of those fortunate enough to hear your story and it was both a very humbling, but also inspiring experience that will long live in the collective memory.

Many thanks, once again, Chris

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Norman Terrace
Principal Teacher, Humanities, Lockerbie Academy

Thank you so much for coming to our school yesterday for black history month and sharing your inspirational story with everyone and taking part in our annual HYBO award and exhibition evening.

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Salise Caluda
History teacher, Oaks Park High School

Thank you for coming to see us. Your talks to the children were inspirational and humbling and you created quite a buzz around the place.

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Simon Kingsley-Pallant
Dunhurst School (Bedales)

Thank you so much for coming to the unit yesterday and sharing your inspirational story with everyone.

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Vanessa Hoade
Teacher, X-Perience Young Persons Centre

I've had such a powerful and positive reaction to your visit yesterday, both from staff and children, and hope that we were able to give you a brief but meaningful insight into what we are trying to achieve here too.

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SC Clayton
Marlborough College

Chris Lubbe visited Lancing College in June 2013, as part of our celebration of the 100th birthday of a former pupil, Trevor Huddleson, and his contribution to the struggle against Apartheid.

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Fr Richard Harrison
Chaplain of Lancing College

Chris held the school spellbound during his talk. It was a privilege to meet and listen to someone who was, literally, living history.

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Ken Sullivan
Head of Sixth Form, Leighton Park School

I can think of no finer way to demonstrate the values of our school and community and how they link to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child than through Chris's inspirational story. Our staff left the INSET day with an increased and unified sense of purpose and understanding. Staff spoke of their 'inspiration' and how their 'eyes had been opened'.

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Carl M. McCarthy
Head Teacher, Newlands Primary School

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