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Welcome to the website of Chris Lubbe.

Chris is a highly acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker and coach available for education, business, corporate, community clients.

Drawing on his incredible story of resistance against ‘apartheid’, Chris keeps his audience spell-bound as he takes them on a journey of discovery. Most importantly his audiences leave both inspired and motivated to take action and to make a changes in their own lives & their communities.

Growing up in a ghetto in Durban, South Africa & experiencing first hand  the brutality of apartheid was a catalyst untitled-16for preparing Chris for his  involvement in the struggle for democracy. His story includes themes  such as fear, determination, courage, love and forgiveness, all in the face  of blatant racial discrimination. Regardless of where you are, Chris will  inspire you to take action and find solutions to many of life’s challenges.



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Ibelieve that our children are our future and with this in mind, I undertake speaking engagements & hold workshops at schools, colleges and higher education organizations.

My talks fit in with various aspects of the curriculum including Global Citizenship, Human Rights, Rights, Respect and Responsibility (RRR) and Black History. I am able to tailor my talks to individual school needs.

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Chris is a qualified Performance Coach with a range of multi-sector and ‘people’ skills with experience including; Government, Corporate and Educational sectors.

Having been part of the delegation who negotiated with t

Latest Testimonials

Having heard Chris speak at The Anti-Bullying conference in October, I felt so moved and inspired by his presentation that I immediately asked him to visit The Hayling College so that all of our pupils and staff could hear about his amazing experiences. He visited us on Wednesday 11th February, exactly 25 years after Nelson Mandela was released from prison, giving six 1hr long talks to years 6 - 11, parents and staff. There were tears and laughter as we listened and I think it's fair to say every person felt inspired. Below are some of the observations of the day from staff and pupils.

Chris Lubbe truly is an inspirational speaker as he recounts his life story to an audience that really doesn’t know what to expect, as anything we know and feel is so far removed from apartheid in South Africa. His message is clear and simple: FORGIVE - that is what makes a difference. He doesn’t advocate violence although it was part of his life; he doesn’t advocate revenge to right the torture he suffered, and neither does he advocate apathy in the face of oppression. What he does proclaim in a soft, mirthful voice is forgiveness in the face of difficulties, prejudice and an intransigent enemy. He was inspired working with Nelson Mandela, and along with his own personal experiences of seeing his Mum manhandled off a whites-only bench and seeing a man thrown off a moving train because he was in the wrong carriage, Chris has forged a path through the morass of inhumanity that still exists in some places today.
He has an easy-going manner that makes the message of ‘make a difference’ all the more powerful when he has seen it work, through the emergence of democracy in South Africa. He admits that his homeland still has a way to go but it is heading in the right direction and he has been part of that. He knows how powerful forgiveness can be as he has had to forgive those that would have held him down, permanently. Some people are destined to lead extra-ordinary lives and Chris Lubbe is one of those quiet, self-possessed people who it is a privilege to meet and who you only meet once in a lifetime.
Rae Linton

I was deeply affected by Chris’s account of his life experiences living with apartheid; it meant so much more than reading a two dimensional account of how it was. How inspiring that he is using his upbringing in such a hugely negative environment to move on with his life in such an amazing way, touching so many lives across the world in the process. I am convinced this is something I will never forget and I am grateful that he touched my life.

On Wednesday 11th February 2015, year six to eleven had the privilege of meeting Nelson Mandela’s personal body guard, Chris Lubbe. Having been the bodyguard for Nelson Mandela himself, Chris now works for UNICEF and is a motivational speaker for schools in South-Africa and the UK. Chris came to our school to tell us, the story of his childhood and his work for Nelson Mandela. Having Chris perform his motivational speech to our pupils gives the pupils the chance to have an open mind in the past of South-Africa, showing us the un-imaginable challenges he faced fighting for deserved rights. He taught us to appreciate what we have and that anyone can make a change to the world.
Year 9 pupils

Thank you Chris, we look forward to you visiting us again.

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