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Welcome to the website of Chris Lubbe.

Chris is a highly acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker and coach available for education, business, corporate, community clients.

Drawing on his incredible story of resistance against ‘apartheid’, Chris keeps his audience spell-bound as he takes them on a journey of discovery. Most importantly his audiences leave both inspired and motivated to take action and to make a changes in their own lives & their communities.

Growing up in a ghetto in Durban, South Africa & experiencing first hand the brutality of apartheid was a catalyst for preparing Chris for his involvement in the struggle for democracy. His story includes themes such as fear, determination, courage, love and forgiveness, all in the face of blatant racial discrimination. Regardless of where you are, Chris will inspire you to take action and find solutions to many of life’s challenges.



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Ibelieve that our children are our future and with this in mind, I undertake speaking engagements & hold workshops at schools, colleges and higher education organizations.

My talks fit in with various aspects of the curriculum including Global Citizenship, Human Rights, Rights, Respect and Responsibility (RRR) and Black History. I am able to tailor my talks to individual school needs.

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Chris is a qualified Performance Coach with a range of multi-sector and ‘people’ skills with experience including; Government, Corporate and Educational sectors.

Having been part of the delegation who negotiated with the previous South African government, Chris is able to utilize his negotiation and Scenario planning skills in promoting proactive solution finding.

Latest Testimonials

Chris' speech was up there with the best I've ever heard. A remarkable man who has led an extraordinary life.

As for our KS4 students, they responded to Chris like a hero who had come home! They completely related to his story with a sense of awe and wonder (as well as a few tears) as he continued to reel off his account of South Africa during the Apartheid years.

Through Chris' potted and personal history of how South Africa rose to become the Rainbow Nation, his message shone through and our students learned that after all the determination and the courage of standing up for what you believe in, real heroes have to abandon vengeance and embrace forgiveness.

A powerful and emotional experience meeting you Mr Lubbe. Thank you so much and please come again each and every year!

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Teacher at The Connaught School

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